With all new work!

So this means the end of my portfolio blog...its been a blast
But If your looking for my blog blog then please go here!
A commercial I worked on at The Mill, Matte paintings at 0:24, 0:32, 0:41, 0:44

This is a trailer with one of the matte paintings I worked on at The Mill, the shot is at 0:12 seconds.

The Great Race : the Movie! :P
background for 'The Great Race'

Background for 'Sol'

mixed work from 'The Great Race' and 'Sol'

Backgrounds and Concept work for "Sol"

A concept image I made for a matte painting for the AIB grad film "Merchant of Memories" (Nicola Sersale)

Canyon scene for 'The Great Race'

Nebula background and development for 'Sol'

'Artists studio' brief from 2007